About Us

Our Mission: “to encourage student success by being the voice of students while enhancing the student life experience.”

It is our responsibility to advocate and push to help create an environment for students to excel.  The ACCSA is responsible for the needs of all ACC students across all campuses. We currently have representation at the Victoria Avenue Campus, Len Evans Centre for Trades and Technology, Manitoba Institute of Culinary Arts, Adult Collegiate and Parkland Campus. It is our goal to work with ACC staff to help all students experience our support and services across each of our campuses.

The ACCSA offers a variety of services for ACC students to help make your time at ACC more enjoyable.  Some of the services we currently offer include:

• Accident Insurance • Health & Dental Insurance • Advocacy for Academic & Disciplinary Appeals • Campus Clubs • Day Planner • Emergency Student Food Bank • Fitness Room • Social Events • Intramural Sports • Scholarships • Student Council • Student Lounges • Sun of a Beach • The Student Focus • Universal Bus Pass (UPass) • Volunteer Opportunities • Paw Pass Student Discount • The Road Bash 

Each spring ACC students vote for the upcoming academic year’s ACCSA Executive council positions: President, VP-Finance and VP-Events & Marketing. Every September, a General Student Council election is held to elect 10 additional student representatives. The ACC campus in Parkland also has four council members that are elected in September: VP Parkland, Finance Chair, Communications & Marketing Chair and Social Coordinator Chair. ACCSA council members sit on several College committees throughout the academic year, bringing forth a student perspective and providing valuable input to college planning.

If you would like to know more about any of the services we offer, give us input, or get information about how to get involved with your Students’ Association stop by our office located at Room 413 at the Victoria Ave East Campus or Room P215 at the North Hill Campus.  You can also email us at accsa@assiniboine.net for more information.  


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