The Assiniboine Community College Students’ Association (ACCSA) provides a variety of services and events that are available to all ACC students. Our mission is to encourage student success by being the voice of the students while enhancing the student life experience.

Clubs (an association or organization dedicated to a particular interest or activity) are a great way to get out and meet new people who have common interests and to spend time with like-minded individuals. Clubs also help to give you some hands on experience from event planning, to volunteer management.

Current ACCSA Student Interest Clubs:


Jack Routledge –

Mature Student Network

Kaylee Hayden –

International Club

Jaswinder Kaushal –

Ag Club

Katie Boles –

Purpose: to unite year 1 and year 2 agriculture students as a whole and to promote agriculture to Westman.

Business Club

Raul Caro – 

Social Justice Club

Dalyse Amyotte –

Purpose: to carry out WE DAY programs and fundraisers. Our group focuses on 9 3rd world countries and we focus on raising funds for 5 pillars of support; education, water, health, food and opportunity.


Kent Collins –


How to start a club:

Step One     Define Purpose

Plan out the purpose and vision for this new club. What will the goal of your club be? How is it different from existing clubs?

Step Two      Recruit Members and Select Executives

A minimum of three (3) members are required in order to ratify (sign or give formal consent to a club making it officially valid). Select at least three executive members, President, Secretary and Treasurer. Executives must be fulltime students. Be sure the Executives read the full Club Policy and Procedure documents.

Step Three   Meet with the ACCSA VP Events & Marketing

Bring in your club application into the SA office and we will set up a meeting with you and the ACCSA VP Events & Marketing. The ACCSA VP Events & Marketing will make sure everything is accurate and that you understand all you need to know. Contact: or (204) 725-8710

Step Four    Complete and Submit a Club Application and Read the By-laws

You can pick up a club application at the Student Association, or a copy is available online for you as well at

Step Five     Attend a Students’ Association General Council Meeting and Present Your Club to the Council

The meeting schedule is available online at  Join us for supper and find out how we can make the best of your college experience!

Your application will be reviewed at a Students’ Association general council meeting. At least one executive member of your club must be in attendance and present your club to the council. Provided you have followed the policies and procedures, your application will be approved.


Important Club Documents

Club Manual

Funding Proposal Application

Executive Agreement

Raffle Application