The Assiniboine Community College Students’ Association produces the STUDENT FOCUS, a free quarterly newsletter for all ACC students. The newsletter is distributed in hard copy to popular mingling areas around the college and on our main bulletin boards. It is also distributed via email to all ACC students and staff throughout the province. We are always looking for a few good stories so if you’d like to become a writer for the Student Focus email us or drop into the office and have a chat with the SA staff about how to become involved.

This SURVIVAL GUIDE is our other major publication produced annually. In this book you’ll find public messages; information such as phone numbers, important dates and a college map; our business advertisements (that make this book possible); information about ACC and the Students’ Association and what we can all do to make your time here successful and memorable. And to avoid a nervous break-down, we’ve included a weekly planner to help keep your events and assignments organized. We sincerely hope you enjoy it and use it all year!

Student Advocacy (Academic & Disciplinary Appeals)


The ACCSA has several bulletin boards located around the college. Students are welcome to use these boards to advertise items like textbooks, cars, apartments etc. All documents must be approved and stamped by someone from the ACCSA office. Postings may stay up for a maximum of one month. There are two boards designated for community events, one by the cafeteria entrance and one in the Crossroads lounge area.


Students and staff are encouraged to use the Fitness Room, which is located in the gym across from the women’s washroom. The room is a fully equipped weight room with free weights, a universal gym, treadmills, elliptical trainers and a recumbent bicycle. You can’t go wrong when it’s FREE!

Fitness Room orientations are available by stopping by the SA office (Room 413) to make an appointment. So save your money from expensive gym memberships and take advantage of this privilege that is included in your student fees.


Faxing and photocopying services are available in the ACCSA office (room 413). Costs are dependent on the number of pages/copies and destination of faxes. Ask the SA staff for rate details and for assistance with your faxing and photocopying requirements. The library also has a coin operated photocopier.


The ACCSA has a battery booster to assist those that might find themselves in a jam when their car won’t start. If you have a weak battery or left your lights on, stop by the Security Desk to borrow the booster. It can be signed out with a valid driver’s license. Just remember to read the instructions and be careful!


With your U-pass, provided by the ACCSA.  You can ride the transit anywhere in Brandon completely free.


The students’ Association has a vital service for its members to use in times of great need. The ACCSA Student Food Bank is available to college students who may need some help when the groceries in the cupboard get low.

To receive a food hamper, students fill out a request form or stop by the SA office.
Remember, there should never be a starving student!


The Students’ Associations provides accident insurance coverage to any Assiniboine Community College student that pays Students’ Association fees. Students are covered while they are on the school premises and while attending or participating in any school activity approved and supervised by the proper authority of the school of the ACCSA. If a student has an accident, it is his/her responsibility to file a claim immediately with the Students’ Association Office.

Note: It is the responsibility of each student to provide his/her own personal basic medical insurance (i.e. Manitoba Medical, Blue Cross, etc.)