Our Organization

The Assiniboine Students’ Association exists to serve you. Our organization is built on the foundation of community and strengthened through our relationships with students, staff and the leadership at Assiniboine. We believe that diversity makes our community stronger and that together, anything is possible. We believe students deserve the opportunity to learn, share and grow with one another and discover who they are and who they want to be. We believe that the human connection is strengthened through active engagement in activities and initiatives that serve the greater good of our students and community as a whole.

We are a not-for-profit organization, entirely separate from the college. Together, we work to meet the needs of our students and ensure that we are all doing our part to support student success.

Our office is driven by a team of inspirational student leaders and run by passionate staff that value the unique experiences only shared by Assiniboine students. Our student representatives are elected on annual terms and work together to serve the student body through college and community committee representation and actively engage in projects, events and activities that advocate for the rights and well-being of our students.


The mission of the ACCSA is to encourage student success by being the
voice of students while enhancing the student life experience.

Strategic Goals:

To represent the student community with an active voice.

To promote student success through teamwork and involvement.

To provide a unique student experience.

ACCSA Bylaws

The ACCSA Bylaws is one of the most important documents of our organization, which sets the organizational structures for our elected representatives, and our legal obligations as a non-profit.



General Council Meetings

Meeting Minutes

ACCSA Fiscal Budget 2020 – 2021

Annual General Meeting 

For information about past and upcoming AGM’s, please contact accsa@assiniboine.net