The ACCSA is proud to announce that the Valedictorians for the 2019-2020 Academic Year are Desiree Brightnose and Neil Alexander!
Desiree Brightnose is a recent graduate from the Interactive Media Arts program. Known for her bright personality and always wanting to go above and beyond, in all of her endeavors. Throughout Desiree’s time at ACC, she was highly involved in many extra curricular activities, including being an Indigenous Peer Mentor, and being elected as the Indigenous Representative on the ACC Students’ Association Council in her final year, representing students at multiple stages within Assiniboine.
Neil Alexander is a recent graduate from the Social Service Worker program. Describing his own leadership style as ‘leadership from behind’, Neil encouraged students from all across Assiniboine to be the best they could be. As an Indigenous Peer Mentor, Neil worked with students in the ACC Cultural Centre to ensure they were supported in every step of their academic journey. Neil was also involved in a number of community organizations, such as the Brandon Friendship Centre.
These Valedictorians, representing students from all schools and programs, will be providing their speeches to all graduates digitally, and will be viewable on both the ACC and ACCSA Websites closer to graduation.
This years Graduation Events will be held on October 27th, 28th, and 30th 2020, and in accordance with proper social distancing guidelines. For more information about Graduation and how to register to attend graduation, please visit: