Student Focus


Thursday, November 25, 2021

Press Release, Assiniboine Community College Students’ Association

The ACC Students’ Association has been officially accepted as the newest member of the Manitoba Alliance of Post-Secondary Students (MAPSS).

The MAPSS mission is to improve the accessibility, affordability, and quality of post-secondary education in Manitoba, and ensure all students receive fair and equitable treatment. MAPSS will fulfil its mission by advocating the Provincial Government and other relevant stakeholders by:

  • Conducting research on issues concerning post-secondary students in Manitoba, including consultation with students province-wide.
  • Developing policy briefs, formulating recommendations, and delivering ideas in a manner that prioritizes healthy dialogue.
  • Organizing provincial educational and advocacy campaigns.

The MAPSS vision is to be the gold standard for collaborative, professional student advocacy in the province of Manitoba, becoming a key stakeholder in consultations that impact post-secondary students. MAPSS envisions a Manitoba where students are treated equitably, are provided numerous experiential learning opportunities, and experience barrier-free access to high-quality post-secondary education and supports.

MAPSS partners include the University of Manitoba Students’ Union, Red River College Students’ Association, University of Manitoba Graduate Students’ Association, the University of Winnipeg Students Association, and the Assiniboine Community College Students’ Association.

“Working with MAPSS is an interesting opportunity to expand our network as students. I hope that our partnership will inspire more activism within our college atmosphere and promote collaboration with other academic institutions. We are super excited to work together with MAPSS to make meaningful changes in our communities and province,” said Alexis Cinq-Mars, VP Diversity & Inclusion, ACC Students’ Association. 

You can learn more about MAPSS on their website, where you can also subscribe to the newsletter to see current MAPSS involvement in student advocacy within the Province of Manitoba.