Advocacy & Awareness

The Advocate provides information and guidance on students’ rights and responsibilities, as well as regulations, policies and procedures.  Our role is to review all situations in an impartial manner and strive to help students become their own advocates by providing them with information about regulations, polices and procedures as well as strategies for constructive ways to resolve issues.  Our goal is to empower students to resolve their own issues with support and to encourage students to be proactive about their learning here at ACC.

For more information on the ACCSA Advocacy Service, please contact ACC Students’ Association at 204.725.8700 ext 7213 or email at

Policy & Procedure

A student has the right to appeal academic and disciplinary decisions and rulings that they believe are unfair, unreasonable or arbitrary. This includes disciplinary decisions and consequences, grades, academic suspension, and other decisions that impact on a student’s continuation in their program of studies. Please note different procedures for appealing:

Mandatory eight-month suspension based on weighted grade point average (WGPA).

All other academic and disciplinary appeals.

Ending the Appeal at Any Stage

The appeal may be resolved at any stage of the appeal process with the mutual agreement of all parties.

Student Advising and Advocacy During Appeals

Students are encouraged to seek the services of a college student advisor, or the Director of Affairs for the Students’ Association, before initiating an appeal. Advisors can provide information and consultation on the college’s appeal policies and procedures, and can assist students in arriving at informed decisions regarding their appeal by exploring with them the full dimensions of the problem. Students are strongly encouraged to utilize the services of a Student Advocate. Advocates may assist students in preparing their appeal submissions, and if a student wishes, may assist or represent a student during the pre-appeal and the formal appeal processes.

ACCSA Advocacy Services PolicyInformation from the ACCSA on how our Advocacy Services Functions

All Assiniboine Community College Policies – All ACC Academic and General Student Policies, including A01, which is used for Academic Appeals at ACC.

Assiniboine’s Important Dates – All important academic deadlines and dates of importance for students, such as due dates for tuition payments, etc.