Student Focus

Awards Applications Open

Thursday, February 25, 2021

The ACCSA believes the student experience goes beyond the classroom.

“The ACCSA believes strongly in celebrating student success throughout their time at the College. One way that we do this is by providing a number of scholarships and awards for exceptionally deserving students,” said Matthew May, ACCSA Director. “There are 3 awards that the ACCSA funds on a yearly basis. Each award has different criteria, and each one recognizes slightly different qualities in students. Primarily though, the overarching focus is on student engagement at the College, and leadership within their environment,” said May.

The ACCSA awards are open to bridging and/or graduating Assiniboine students. They include the ACCSA Pat Josephson Memorial Award, ACCSA Leadership Award, and the ACCSA & Houston’s Student Life Award.

“Students who are successful in being selected for our awards are academically strong, and are generally highly involved in their studies and extracurricular activities. Some examples of extracurricular activities are involvement in Student Clubs, the ACCSA Council, Cougars, Peer Mentoring or Tutoring, or involvement in other College activities,” said May.

You can learn more about these awards on our Awards page. You can apply for the awards on Assiniboine’s Scholarships & Bursaries page, which also hosts an abundance of other awards, scholarships and bursaries available to Assiniboine students.

“The number one goal of Assiniboine Community College is to promote student success.  It is that goal that drives our academic planning,” said Michelle Atamanchuk, Development Officer, ACC Foundation, in an email thanking the Students’ Association for supporting the awards program.

In a survey Assiniboine hosted to gather feedback from recent students, they were able to see:

  • 92 percent of graduates have jobs within 9 months of graduation.
  • 82 percent of graduates are working in a career related to their studies.
  • 89 percent of Assiniboine graduates stay in Manitoba.

The scholarships, awards, and bursaries program through the ACC Foundation has helped many of these students achieve this success, and the ACC Students’ Association is happy to support three of these awards through our organization.

The recipient’s of ACCSA’s awards last year were:

Kimberly Warkentin – ACCSA Houston Award

Ronda Perks – ACCSA Leadership Award

Samantha Love – ACCSA Leadership Award

This year’s awards application deadline is March 15, 2021.