Student Focus

Career Starters

Friday, November 19, 2021

Written by Rob Starkell, Partner, West-Can Human Resource Solutions

Over this past week, the ACCSA partnered with West-Can HR Solutions in Brandon to bring students the opportunity to learn from employment/HR professionals key tips for job search, interview preparation, and new job expectations.

It was an excellent exchange of ideas and questions that, we hope, has helped students understand the employment landscape and set them up for success once they are finished their studies and looking for full time, meaningful employment.

Full-time, meaningful employment! Let’s review this statement. Until most students graduate post-secondary education, many of them would not have held full time, long-term employment roles. Most students work their way through school with part-time casual work in retail, hospitality, foodservice, or the such. While there are clear work expectations for workers in these types of roles, employers typically understand that the workers they have are not wanting long-term employment but rather want flexibility, ease of learning, and nothing too stressful (Hey, I’m a student – that’s stressful enough!). Employers in these types of areas know that they will have high employee turnover and often pay only minimum wage or slightly better as a result. Low employer expectations = low accountability expectations for the worker. As a student, this works for both employer and employee.

However, in transitioning from a job that makes sense as a student into a career kick-starter role that looks to utilize all the years of education/training, graduating students need to understand that employers expectations are not only going to be much more demanding in terms of productivity output, but also in terms of reliability and accountability. Many times I have encountered comments like “Wow, that manager expects way too much from me!”, or “I was only usually ten minutes late, no big deal…”. But that is the difference between full-time career work versus part-time student jobs. Employers are holding these workers to higher standards because their businesses and operations depend on it.

At West-Can HR solutions, we help businesses with all things HR, including full-time recruitment and temporary labour solutions. To facilitate this, we maintain a network of active and passive job seekers in our West-man market. By joining that network (register through our website or giving us a call), we provide valuable employment and job search tips to our job seekers and will work hard to ensure they gain meaningful employment. Meaningful employment is a job that meets a job seeker’s career expectations in terms of passion for the work and interest in continued learning and development in that industry.

Thanks ACC Students’ Association and Assiniboine students for participating in our “find a job” workshops this week during the Job Tips Blitz. We can all benefit from working in a career-fulfilling roles.

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