Student Focus

Council Elections Under Way

Friday, March 4, 2022

Written by Karleigh Paul, Marketing & Communications Coordinator, ACCSA

Nominations Are Open Until March 14

In case you missed this email:

Are you interested in being involved with the college community on a higher level? Would you like to hone your leadership skills?

Being involved as a council member with the Students’ Association allows you the opportunity to expand your college experience beyond the classroom. You’ll find yourself building your network throughout the college and the broader community, while working with a team of other motivated individuals interested in representing the student voice.

Council members are paid an honorarium for their commitment. The terms start May 1, 2022, and end April 30, 2023.

Some council member perks include:

  • Team Building Experience
  • Professional Development Opportunities such as courses & certifications
  • Experience with committees, organized meetings, and time management

This will look great on your resume and your involvement will set you up to be a particularly attractive candidate for awards/scholarships as well.

Elizabeth Brown, 2021/22 Health & Human Services Representative ran for council because:

“I wanted to be a part of making decisions that impacted the student body of ACC, and to make connections with others outside of my specific program”

She encourages students to get involved in the elections process because:

“ACCSA representatives help to make choices that impact students across all ACC campuses”.

Being involved in the elections process can include:

  • nominating yourself for one of the council positions enabling you to run in the election
  • endorsing other students to encourage them to apply for a position
  • spreading the word about the elections
  • voting

Here’s what some other council members have to say about elections:

Hailey Tanner Picture Submitted to ACCSA for Council Testimonial

“I ran for council because a couple friends recommended that I run, and I wanted to be involved in making changes for the students. I think people would benefit from participating in the democratic process because they can elect someone that they think would make a difference and be a voice for the students.”

Hailey Tanner, 2021/22 School of Business Representative

Nazar Picture Submitted to ACCSA for Council Testmonial

“I ran for council because I wanted to be a voice for other students and create a better future for the upcoming students. It’s important to get involved in the elections process because if you don’t vote, your opinion is not considered. You need to bring your opinions to the table for them to observed.”

Harlee Nazar, 2021/22 School of Nursing Representative

Bridges Picture Submitted to ACCSA for Council Testimonial

“I ran for council because I wanted to be involved and make a positive influence in the community. It’s important to get involved in the elections process because a politically engaged community is one that influences progressive change”

Nathan Bridges, 2021/22 President

Nominations are open for the Student Association Council Elections until March 14. You can nominate yourself, and you can endorse other students.

More information is available at