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Margaret MacDonald

Adult Collegiate Rep.

I am a 38 year old wife, mother, business owner and student.  Born in Russell, Manitoba, with most of my family from St. Lazare, Manitoba, rural Westman has been my home for most of my life. Souris, Manitoba, for my teen years and permanently in Brandon, Manitoba, as my hometown since 1999.

I have successfully ran my own delivery service for almost 8 years. It was when my son started kindergarten that I started thinking of a career change and enrolled myself at ACC Adult Collegiate to complete my grade 12.  I can now proudly say that I will graduate in June of 2019. I’ve been looking into the Piping Trades program to become a plumber and am very excited to think that someday I’ll have a normal, adult career of being a ‘toilet fixer’ as my son calls it. I am also very proud to be a part of the 2018/2019 Assiniboine Community College Student Association.

This representative is responsible for sharing the thoughts and perspectives of the students located at the Adult Collegiate; Mature Student High School and English as a Second Language programs. They will be a key connection between the ACCSA council and the Adult Collegiate campus.

Job Description