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Tyler Willemen

Agriculture & Environment Rep.

I am the Agriculture and Environment rep.  I am from a small town of St. Alphonse.  I am in the Agribusiness program.  My interests are country music, video games, agriculture, swimming, sports like hockey, curling, and baseball.  I am looking forward to meeting more people at ACC and getting to know the other reps better.  I joined the council because a former year 2 rep explained how much fun she had and thought I should run next year.  In addition, I was involved with Ag Club last year so she thought I should run.

This representative is responsible for sharing the thoughts and perspectives of students in the Agriculture & Environment programs at Assiniboine Community College; Agribusiness, Environmental Technologies ― Land & Water Management, and Environmental Technologies ― Geographical Information Systems. They will be engaged in representing students from various campuses.

Job Description