Ella Inocentes, Winnipeg Chair

Diorella Inocentes, Winnipeg Chair

Ella is delighted to be the new ACCSA Winnipeg Chair. Ella was honoured to be part of this amazing team. She is in her first year as a Practical Nursing student. Ella’s goal since day 1 is to make a difference in people’s lives. One of the reasons she chose to become a nurse is to help and support people that are in need. Ella desires to spread awareness and educate students about equality and mental health. Ella is hoping that with being the new ACCSA Winnipeg Chair, she could help students in any way or form, and find ways to make the Winnipeg Campus a better environment for students and staff. Here are a few interesting facts about Ella. Ella loves to watch movies during her free time. Some of her recommendations are Parasite, The Notebook, and Us. She enjoys watching any genre, but she prefers movies that have an amazing story line. Ella enjoys long walks, especially hiking. Looking forward to working with you all! she said. “I will try my best to make this school year awesome! 


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December 6, 2021