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Trevor Dysart

Indigenous Students Rep.

I’m from South Indian Lake, MB, which is the end of the road if heading north!  I’m taking Business Administration here at ACC, specializing in Aboriginal Financial Management. After completion of my program, I hope to work with Indigenous organizations who assist students attending post-secondary schools.

When I’m not buried in a textbook or working on assignments, I’m usually spending time with my kids, or working. My hobbies include cooking, reading sci-fi and fantasy, console gaming, or playing board games.

I love engaging with students from all areas of ACC! Swing by the Cultural Centre for a chat, or if you need a hand finding some info.  As part of the ACCSA, I hope to encourage students to work with one another to help us all succeed in our respective goals.  We are stronger as a community!

This representative is responsible for sharing the thoughts and perspectives of Indigenous students at Assiniboine Community College. They will have the unique and engaging opportunity of representing students from all Assiniboine campuses, while keeping a close connection with the Cultural Centre at Assiniboine.

Job Description