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Moneisha Weir-Beckford

Mature Rep.

I am from the beautiful Caribbean Island, Jamaica. I love music, sports, basking in the sunshine and moonlit nights. I am a very humble, easy going person and a firm believer in God. I do believe that humility is strength.

I am a second year student pursuing a Diploma in Business Administration specializing in Accounting. It is an awesome pleasure to have the privilege of being your Mature Student Representative for the 2018-2019 academic year.

As a mature student with a family, I am certainly aware of the challenges we may face, so please feel welcome to communicate any concerns or challenges you may come across. I hope to make this experience a fulfilling one for all of us.

This representative is responsible for sharing the thoughts and perspectives of students that identify as mature students at Assiniboine Community College; this could be for various reasons, such as continuing their education after being in the workforce, or having a family. They will help the ACCSA remain informed and mindful of the various types of student experiences we are looking to enhance.

Job Description