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Melissa Vasilopoulos

Mechanical Trades Rep.

First and foremost I’d like to start off with a big shout out to all new and returning students here at ACC. My name is Melissa Vasilopoulos and I’m your new mechanical trades representative. I’m currently enrolled in the automotive service technician program at the Len Evans location. I’m completely blown away and thankful for my experiences so far. The staff and students at ACC are amazing to work with. Here at the hill I know we love keeping ourselves busy with a project both with our hands and mind. I’m hoping to carry that enthusiasm over into group efforts to make the most of our year-years to come. I look forward to working with you all, and hope to see you all at an ACCSA event in the future.

This representative is responsible for sharing the thoughts and perspective of students in the Mechanical Trades programs at Assiniboine Community College. They will be engaged in representing a large number of students, and will be a key connection with the Len Evans Centre for Trades & Technology.

Job Description