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Bryden Moar

VP of Events & Marketing

Hello fellow students! My name is Bryden SA Moar, aka Iceman. I’m a second-year student taking the Business Administration program, specializing in Marketing. This year I’ve taken another step up the student council ladder; I will be your VP of Events & Marketing for 2019-2020.

I’m a very motivated individual who has faced a few obstacles on my educational path, but as my dad taught me to do, “I just keep plugging away!” I have a vast array of life experiences that have brought me to this point in my life.

If you see my in the halls or visiting Cecil and Crystal at our Cultural Resource Center, don’t hesitate to ask me anything about student events on and around our campuses.

This year I plan on continuing some annual events, and expanding upon them. As a team, we have also come up with some great new ideas for our student body. I’m a very direct person, so you may catch me out and about doing hands on surveys about student life here at ACC. I’m very passionate about student engagement and having great turnouts for our events, so don’t be surprised to hear a whistle blowing here and there around campus!
To all students, lets get frosty and have a year to remember!

It is the primary responsibility of the ACC Students’ Association (ACCSA) Vice President of Events & Marketing to encourage student engagement through events and initiatives that encourage wellbeing, social awareness and community engagement.

Job Description