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Student Council Elections Candidate List 2020 – 2021

President –

Tania Allan

Mikayla Lojek

Sukhmanpreet Singh

Vice President Finance –

Matt Lucero

Vice President Events & Marketing –

Manroopjit Kaur

Accessibility Representative

Akash Sharma

Agriculture & Environment Representative

Manmeet Saggu

Business Representative

Ramandeep Kaur

Indigenous Representative

Amanda Balfour

Gagandeep Kaur

Sehajpreet Sandhu

International Representative

Gursharan Kaur

LGBT2SQ+ Representative

Robert Hirst

Mature Representative

Karan Garg

MICA Representative

Noah Stelmack

Adult Collegiate Representative


Health & Human Services Representative


Trades Representative


Get to know your Elections Candidates –


Our mission is to encourage student success by being the voice of students while enhancing the student life experience.


  • To represent the student community with an active voice.
  • To promote student success through teamwork and involvement.
  • To provide a unique student experience.

Tania Allan – President 

I have attended Assiniboine Community College for almost a year now. It has been a privilege to build relationships and meet many students from different programs, cultures, ages and life experiences. My goal in running for President is to create a space for your voice and ideas to be heard. To advocate for your concerns. I want to bring about stronger unity and community amongst all of ACC’s locations. To bridge gaps between Student Council, Student body, and Administration. Most importantly, if elected, I promise to work hard to support you and all students. To serve you with honesty, integrity and in your best interests at all times. #yourvoicematters.

Bio –

Organized, positive, encouraging, creative, outgoing. Manage a corporate office or personal assistant to company CEO. I was a program director for a children’s camp and music director for my church for over 5 years. I also managed a woman’s retail store for 3 years. I want students to feel heard, both with their concerns and ideas. I want students to feel more engaged with culture and life here at ACC. I genuinely care about others. My warm and outgoing personality makes other feel at ease. I am always open to feedback.

Mikayla Lojek – President

Hey, I’m Mikayla (Interactive Media Arts) and I’m running for president. My main goal: be there for all of you and get us all ready to take back our lives after we come back to ACC! You know, I care quite a lot and I will do my absolute best to make the school a better place for us and all the people that come here in the future. But if you don’t know me, I don’t want you to just trust a stranger, so let’s change it: I’m from Poland, my parents’ cat is currently taking over my old room, and I’m always up for some apple pie. But most importantly – I care about my fellow-humans. That’s the whole agenda. If you want me to spend my days coming up with ways to make your time at ACC better, vote through email on Wednesday and Thursday, March 25 and 26!

Bio –

I like getting things done. Web design and development. High School Student Association member. CJA06 Board of Directors member. Improve student life at ACC by active listening and acting on behalf of the students. Leadership skills, good listening skills, hard- work.

Sukhmanpreet Singh – President


I Sukhmanpreet Singh, stand out for the position of President at Assiniboine Community College Student Association Council. Currently I am International Representative at the same council, so I want to continue serving my fellow students but from a different perspective. I promise you all that I will never let you down and try my best to serve you with the best in your interest. I will always be there to help you, whenever you need my help. Your vote and support really matters to me. I will fulfill all my duties and responsibilities selflessly.
If you feel I am a deserving candidate PLEASE VOTE FOR ME.

Bio –

Confident, extrovert, honest, leader, and versatile. I am hoping to pursue as a Human Resource Director after completing my education. As being an International Representative of ACCSA Council. My experience inspires me to continue my services on the council to serve students. As being on ACCSA council, I want to become more social and responsible member of the council and helping fellow students. Hard working, team player, good listener.

Matt Lucero – VP Finance

My name is Matt Lucero and I am a Practical Nursing student at the Victoria East campus. I am running for Vice President of Finance. My not-as-awesome-as-you-are experience that will help me be a useful part of the council include my being the Health and Human Services Representative at ACC for the school year 2019-2020 and my previous job at a large financial institution.

My goal, if accepted into the council as Vice President of Finance, is to make sure we continue to allocate Student Association budgets properly with the same or even better oversight. My plan is to head the internal budget and finance committee we established this year and work with representation from the rest of the student body. I am excited to be able to bring my skills and knowledge from my previous work experience in and outside the ACC Student Association.

Above all, I am a simple man and I want to make things easy for others. I have taken feedback from students like you, built teams, and brought projects forward to the school. The ideas and concerns you have had has even reached to the highest level of the school’s administration. I am confident, as Vice President, we can continue to accomplish better things.

Vote Yes for Matt Lucero as Vice President of Finance.

Bio –

An average, simple, diligent guy. I am currently in the nursing program but also had a rewarding career as a manager in risk management (fraud prevention ops) at a bank. I would like to marry the two, nursing and operations management, someday and have a bigger positive social impact.

Problem solving, teamwork, leadership skills, among others I have picked up at my previous lines of businesses prepared me to be on the council. My one year experience in the ACC student association will be the biggest factor. My experience on the council should help the next council with their day-to-day operations, planning, and general events.

My goal is to have a measurable positive impact on students. This year, among many of the programs and events I have been to in support of the student body, I am most proud of our initiative (spearheaded by my team) to install more hand-sanitizers across the campus.

Goal-oriented. Like a math problem, there are many ways to solve a problem and there are plenty of variables to consider first as well. I like to understand a problem first before acting on it.

Team Player. No man is an island, never is that truer while sitting on the student council that works for a large student body. Working with others will make sure you have input from multiple sources and makes the work seem more fun to do.

Project Manager. There will be multiple departments you have to talk to and meetings to be had but everything will fall into place if you plan things ahead. I like my spreadsheets and use them extensively for managing tasks, milestones, and goals.

Manroopjit Kaur – VP Events & Marketing

Bio –

Driven, Enthusiastic, Friendly, Ambitious, dependable. I hope to pursue a career in the hospitality industry after completing my education at Assiniboine. Being a part of ACCSA council in the past year as the MICA rep and also being a part of the basketball team in my school which helped me become a team player. I want to be able to grow and be responsible by understanding how to be both a leader and a follower. I want to be able to grow and be responsible by understanding how to be both a leader and a follower. Conscientious, motivated, reliable.

Akash Sharma – Accessibility Rep

Bio –

Mature, initiator, balanced, cooperative, responsible. I am pursuing as a Human Resources Manager after my studies at ACC because this is related to my studies. I used to be a great combination among everybody in the class because everyone is comfortable with me to talk about. Being an ACC council member I want to be gentle to and responsible towards the duties and helping the students. Flexible in every situation, ambitious, cheerful.

Manmeet Saggu – Agriculture & Environment Representative 

I am Manmeet Kaur Saggu, representing myself for the council member for Agricultural and Environment Representative for the spring elections 2020. I would love to receive this role because I want to serve all the students of the department with a very satisfactory experience as I received so from the members. I would be your voice to make your dilemmas easily approachable to the higher authorities. I will serve you all with great diligence and honesty. I duly commit to giving my 100% to fulfill the requirements and will keep the students encouraged.

Feel free to vote.

Thank you!

Bio – 

I am a wonderful helper. Either finance or quality control. Whenever I wanted any help, you guys did 1000%. An astonishing person taking/guiding students to the exact resource. Dedicated towards learning. Believe in helping the needy. Understanding the human nature.

Ramandeep Kaur – Business Representative

Hi! everyone,

I Ramandeep Kaur, is running for the upcoming elections of ACCSA for the position of Business representative. I promise you all the I will do my duties and responsibilities with my best efforts and dedication. I will never let you down. So please VOTE for me. Check your student email to vote online on 25 and 26. Thank You!

Bio – 

Extrovert, Hard-working, Honest, Confident, Accountability. I would like to pursue my studies in Banking. I used to be a head girl at my previous college. It helps me to develop leading skills. Being on ACC council I want to be more responsible and good leader, so that I can serve the college in the best way. Good listener, social and cooperative, would best serve my fellow students.

Amanda Balfour – Indigenous Representative 

Bio –

Leader, outspoken, driven, time-managed, reliable. I am a peer mentor, worked in various places, assisting with programs and events. To be the voice for our Indigenous students. Leadership, Accountability, Time-management.

Gagandeep Kaur – Indigenous Representative

Bio –

Self-Confident, Motivated, Daring, Self-assured, Extrovert. After completing my studies I want to pursue my career in marketing or banking field. I always enjoy experiencing new opportunities and being a leader. As I was perfect in school. I want to explore more leadership skills. In this council especially, I want to achieve and improve to the best of my abilities. I want to experience new things and achieve the best in them. I believe that my caring, honesty and my communication skills will be those skills that I feel would best serve your fellow students.

Sehajpreet Sandhu – Indigenous Representative

Bio –

Hard-working, punctual, cooperative, dedicated, confident. I am hoping to pursue as a Human Resource manager. I was captain of the cricket team back in school where I learned how to bring everyone out on top. Being an ACC Council, I want to develop good leadership skills. Hard working, leadership skills and team-spirit would best serve me. Fellow students.

Gursharan Kaur – International Representaive


I Gursharan Kaur, has been nominated in the Assiniboine Community College Students Associations Elections for the position of International representative. I will be providing my best services to the all International students. I will contribute in the council and every event with my full dedication and honesty. If you think that I am a deserving candidate, Please Vote for Me. Check your student email to vote online on 25 and 26 of march.

Bio –

Hard-worker, punctual, positive attitude, good listener, and dedicated. I would like to improve my studies in banking. I used to be a member of youth club at my previous college. This helped me in developing leading qualities and enable me to tackle every situation. I used to be a member of youth club at my previous college. Leadership, social and communicative skills would best serve my fellow students.

Robert Hirst

Hello, my name is Robert Hirst and I am running for the GLBT2SQ+ Rep. Unlike predecessors before I am not here to give you lofty promises that I can not fulfill. If you don’t know me personally, I am sure you have seen me around the school (hard to miss lol). I hope that my actions speak louder than words.

I decided to run for GLBT2SQ+ Rep in this election because I have lived 22 years in the GLBT community, and frankly I have seen, done, and heard a lot of things others may have not. So I am not shocked easily. But that’s besides the point. I love ACC for it provided an opportunity for growth when I didn’t think it was even possible. Through ACC I have met some of my most beloved friends and made connections that I hope never fall to the wayside.

My only goal or promise I would make to you regardless of my designated constituency is that I am here for the students. I want to represent my community first off, but secondly, I want to be that person that people feel they can approach if they are struggling. I may not have the magic solution, or even be able to rectify the situation. But I am here. I promise that I will do my best to represent the GLBT2SQ+ community and others who don’t necessarily identify.

Being that the GLBT2SQ+ is about the way one perceives themselves within relationship to others I personally take more of a liberal stance on this. Meaning the GLBT2SQ+ communities’ flag is the rainbow which I feel represents a spectrum. As a spectrum I believe all should be included if the desire is there. Personal reasons aside I know that agreement may not always take place, but I think if we can sit together and discuss our reasoning rationally that’s half the battle.

This introduction to myself and my goals are my main campaign. You may not see posters, or flyers. You may not see me on social media promoting myself. This is not because I do not care, nor is this because I don’t want to reflect my commitment to the student body. Rather I feel if you do not know me, and don’t care there is little I can do to sway your opinion. I hope all will vote next week when the time comes. I would be flattered and elated if I was elected, and I would enjoy giving back to the school that has already given so much back to me. I realize that some of you will look at this introduction and choose not to read my lengthy discription. That’s okay with me too. My last comment is I hope everyone who is attending ACC reaches their goals and reaches for the stars. You can do it. Thanks.

Robert Hirst
Candidate for GLBT2SQ+ Rep

Bio – 

Genuine, sincere, compassionate, diligent, enthusiastic. Front line reception for Cancer Care, Special Olympics, or Assiniboine Community College. Sat on boards in my community as well as Prairie Mountain Health. Familiar with reception, and administrative duties. I am a people person. Be the voice for those that feel they don’t have one. As well support the student body through struggles either academic or personal. Compassion, approachability, genuine concern.

Noah Stelmack – MICA Representative

Bio –

Cheerful, Responsible, Friendly. I’m hoping to work either as a breakfast cook or baker after graduating ACC. I don’t have any prior experience of being involved with a Council which is why I’d like to be the MICA Representative for ACCSA.

Karan Garg – Mature Representative

Bio –

Responsible, hardworking, friendly, effective and honest. I would like to be a financial advisor. I have already been on the ACCSA council and it was a great fun and really helpful. I want to help students and make my council so efficient which will be good for everyone. Responsible, effective, honest.