Leadership Opportunities

ACC Accessibility Committee

Do you want to advocate for more accessible environments at the College, both physically and digitally? The ACCSA is currently accepting applications for a student representative to sit on the ACC Accessibility Committee. Learn about what the College is doing to improve accessibility at ACC, and provide feedback to College administrators on relevant issues.

Time Commitment – 1 meeting per month, roughly 1 hour in duration

How to Apply – Click here: ACC Accessibility Committee Application Form

ACC Wellness Strategy Steering Committee

Assiniboine Community College seeks to understand and support the wellbeing of students through ACC’s wellness strategy. The strategy is based on the W.H.O.L.E. model:

  • (W)alk together to enhance campus and community partnerships
  • (H)eighten resilience through holistic decision making
  • (O)ptimize opportunities for inclusivity, belonging and a sense of community
  • (L)evy mechanisms that identify and respond to students in distress providing a proactive, coordinated response
  • (E)ducate towards evidence-based approaches in mental health and well-being education

ACC is currently seeking volunteers to sit on the Wellness Steering Committee. The commitment should be approximately 1 hour per month, with an initial meeting that will be longer as we work to organize ourselves!

There will be opportunity for sub committee work on the 5 aspects of the plan (W.H.O.L.E.) but your participation in sub committee’s is not mandatory and you can serve as much (or as little) as you are able and interested in.

How to Apply – Click here: ACC Wellness Strategy Steering Committee Application Form

ACCSA Discipline, Conduct, & Accountability Review (DARC) Committee

The ACCSA is looking for motivated students with a strong passion for accountability and fairness to be appointed student representatives on the DARC Committee. This committee reviews any issues or concerns brought up by an ACC student or staff regarding the conduct of ACCSA Council Members to ensure that the organization is held to a high standard of work and professionalism. Confidentiality is a requirement on this committee, as you will possibly be provided with sensitive student information during a case. Training will be provided for any successful appointments.

For more information about the Committee, you can read the terms of reference on page 18 of the ACCSA Bylaws: ACCSA Bylaws

Time commitment: As needed when cases arise, each case is unique but can be expected to be anywhere from 3 hours to 10 hours over the course of a week or two.

How to Apply – Click Here: DARC Application Form


We strive to offer as many opportunities as possible for students to grow outside the classroom, including (but not limited to): conferences, guest speakers, and volunteer experience. Let us help you facilitate your professional and personal development!

To volunteer with us please email accsa@assiniboine.net