Student Focus

President’s Report

Monday, March 1, 2021

Salutations students,

I can see the finish line!!! We are in our final semester, this has been an interesting journey due to COVID 19. There has been a lot of transitioning from strictly face to face, to now blending delivery. We have learned that even in uncertain times we can thrive and that we can overcome any obstacle that stands before us. COVID 19 taught us to be mindful of each other and to put our health first. It has shown us that we have ability to transition to the new norm. I would like to commend the students and staff on a job well done of cooperating with the government restrictions.

I must make mention of a job well done by our council, for going above and beyond in trying to get events and programs actioned. We have made huge leaps even in a world wide pandemic to bring success for our students and their well-being. Some of our initiatives and events that we’ve implemented for each of our campuses, and for Assiniboine students overall, include hiring a student staff person into the roll of Digital Events Assistant, training council members in Marketing the ACCSA Brand, suggestion boxes, bingo night, game night, inviting a guest speaker to talk about taxes, sip & paint events, and hosting an event to help our the Samaritan House food bank. We also approved a few major items to be brought to the SGM, which will take place on March 8 from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm, including the approval of a Crossroads Student Space Renovation, changing the roles of our Vice Presidents, and updates to the ACCSA Bylaws.

The Crossroads project has been in the works for quite sometime now. We hope to see it moving forward in the right direction, now that our council has approved it, pending approval at the SGM. I’m super excited to see it being in motion. The hiring of the student staff person at ACCSA also shows us we are moving in the right direction. The suggestion box is something that we are still currently working on as we look to bridge the gap between students and ACCSA. Some of our council members have come up with brilliant ways to keep the connection flowing and to keep the students entertained, including bingo/game nights. There has been a shake up with the new name of the Vice President, as well as a newly added Vice President, and the change in duties of different posts in the council. The bylaws will also make changes in the way duties are performed, restructuring the rules and regulations that the council members must uphold. We have set plans for a guest speaker to speak on taxes, since many of us aren’t familiar with this process, we made a decision to bring in a expert on filing your taxes sometime in April before the deadline to file your tax. Before the last council meeting was held, we had a thirty minute training session built to help each council members on ACCSA brand. Sip & Paint is an event that Dorothy Buan, ACCSA Winnipeg Chair, and her committee are planning to host, students can be on the lookout for that event. We also have plans on raising funds for a well known shelter in Brandon, the Samaritan House. There are many more projects and events in the works. We look forward to bring each of our plans to being, as we thrive to prefect and bring success during our time at ACCSA.