Project Red

Sponsor a student:

Is your business or department interested in sponsoring a student hamper this year? If so, please submit your sponsorship form by December 1st.



Thank you for sharing the holiday cheer. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel welcome to reach out to the ACC Students’ Association by email at

Apply for a hamper:

Assiniboine students can apply for a hamper by December 1st. This deadline is not flexible.


Initiative Summary:

Project Red is an ACCSA initiative that pairs students in need during the holiday season with sponsoring groups that put together hampers for a holiday meal and gifts for the student and their family unit. It’s an ongoing tradition of collaboration between Assiniboine staff, faculty, and associates, to help brighten the holiday season for some Assiniboine students.

In light of COVID-19, the ACCSA is taking a number of steps to ensure that this tradition can continue while being as safe as possible. Some of which include:

  • The ACCSA will be working to receive hampers from sponsors and distribute them to students during the final week of classes; December 14-18. This will be done in a socially distant way, and reduce the requirement for groups to meet each other.
  • Digital enrollment forms for both students and sponsors will be utilized to reduce the need for in-office traffic, and make it easier for students to apply for Project Red!