Student Focus

SuperWoman Conference & International Women’s Day

Thursday, February 25, 2021

The Brandon Chamber of Commerce has graciously opened up FREE registration for all full-time ACC Students to attend their upcoming virtual event, the 2021 Superwoman Conference, on March 11th 2021! All students are invited & encouraged to attend, regardless of program or location.

Click here to register (you will need to log in with your ACC Email address in order to register)

The Superwoman Conference is a half-day event that aims to inspire discussion about the roadmap for success in Manitoba and beyond. This event brings together ambitious women and men and fosters an environment of connection, education and empowerment. The event will feature a keynote speaker and four panelists, all five of whom represent different industries, backgrounds and experiences.

For more information about the event, check out the Brandon Chamber of Commerce Event online.

The deadline to register for FREE is on Tuesday, March 9th at 4:00pm. If there are any questions about this event, please contact either Matthew May at, or Amy Doerksen at We hope to see lots of you there!

“This is an informative impactful event that focuses on your growth and leadership ability. This event will help you tap into your purpose and pursue your dreams,” said Brieth Young-Taylor, ACCSA President. “I believe that iron sharpens iron, with the knowledge that you’ve already obtain here at ACC you will then get the experience of hearing the expert’s advice on how you can improve your career.  This means the world to me being able to get a chance to network with well-known entrepreneurs that have been in the business for decades. I’ll get a chance to bounce my ideas off of theirs and make connections that can last a lifetime. I look forward to this conference.”

The event is taking place the same week as International Women’s Day, which is on March 8.

Do you have a story about an amazing woman in your life? How has she positively impacted the lives of people in her community or beyond? Send us your story so we can share it in our next Student Focus. You’ll be entered into a draw to win a $25 Subway gift card, one of our Paw Pass Student Discount partners. You must be an Assiniboine student to be entered into the draw. The story must be between 800 words long, around 1,200 words is a nice length, and must meet Respectful College Policy guidelines. The deadline to enter is March 24, 2021; send to Karleigh Paul, ACCSA Events & Marketing Coordinator, by email at