ACC students have access to a free U-Pass sticker for Brandon Transit, to allow them to travel for free within the city of Brandon. No matter how you typically travel, the U-Pass is useful to have if you ever need it. Pick up your U-Pass sticker from the Students’ Association office at 1430 Victoria Ave. East, the School Office at the Len Evans Centre for Trades & Technology, or from the Adult Collegiate. The U-Pass sticker is added to your current Student ID and needs to be replaced with each new Student ID card.

If you have a U-Pass, but it’s not working anymore, we can replace it for you for a $5 charge. U-Passes are only to be used for yourself. If you’re caught sharing your U-Pass, the student card will be taken away and you will be required to pay a $20 fee, along with other repercussions, in order to receive new U-Pass.

For information on Brandon Transit Routes, please visit brandontransit.ca.