On Friday March 24, 2023, the Manitoba Government and General Employees’ Union (MGEU) voted in favour of a strike mandate at Assiniboine. The strike mandate allows union employees at Assiniboine to strike with a 48-hour notice. 

Below you will find a link to the commitment from the College should a labour disruption happen. This document should answer most of your questions.

If you have further questions after reading through the Commitment, the FAQ, and all information provided,  please contact the Students’ Association President at All questions will be brought forth to the College.


Eligible Assiniboine students are automatically enrolled in our Student Health & Dental Plan through Student VIP. This Plan includes drug, extended health, vision, dental, travel, and accident coverage at an affordable price perfect for students. 

I.M. Well

I.M. Well’s Student Assistance Program (SAP), is a free counselling program available to Assiniboine students from all campuses, and their immediate family members. I.M. Well provides 24/7 counselling services for mental, emotional, physical and financial health. It’s  a completely confidential service that provides immediate assistance when you need it most. These services can be provided in person, via emails, online, video calls or by telephone.


Student clubs are a great way to get involved at the college and to expand your student experience beyond the classroom. You can join and existing club, or you can start your own. Clubs are student organized and run; hosting a range of activities and bringing like-minded students together for social activities, awareness, and movements. 


The Students’ Association Council (SAC) is a group of elected student representatives that are primarily responsible for making decisions on behalf of the ACCSA in order to better support our students. SAC Representatives bring forth ideas and concerns to make changes that benefit students. Students are encouraged to connect with their Representatives to learn more about the ACCSA and to give feedback about their student experience.


We host several student orientated events throughout the year. You can see a list of upcoming events, activities, and social contests on our Events page. We are currently hosting online events to keep our students safe during the pandemic, including games, panels, video parties, and more. New events are listed weekly, you can find them here or follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates. 


The Student Focus has a long history with the Students’ Association, and has been adapted to the ever changing college experience throughout it’s time. Today it exists as an online blog, and is emailed monthly to our students. Our articles cover a wide range of topics, from student submissions, to important advocacy updates, to thought provoking discussion pieces. Student submissions are always welcomed from Assiniboine students, please send any inquiries to with the subject line ‘Student Focus’.