Matthew May, Executive Director

Matthew has been working as the Executive Director of the ACCSA since April 1st, 2019, and has a passion for student governance and leadership. Originally from North Vancouver BC, Matthew has been involved in 3 different student associations over the past decades both as a student leader and a staff member, including the Brandon University Students’ Union in Brandon, and the British Columbia Institute of Technology Student Association.

Matthew brings this breadth of experience to his current role, where he strives to improve the overall operations of the SA, and further the mission of the organization! As the Executive Director, he reports to the Student Council and works to turn the vision of your elected student representatives to action and change that benefits students. He does this with the help of all the other staff members at the ACCSA, which can be seen below.

In addition to his student association experience, Matthew has a Bachelor Degree in Music, and a Diploma in Architectural Technology. As a result, he will take every opportunity to tell you that he “can count to 4 and draw a straight line”. Please don’t ask him about it.

Outside of work, Matthew is a Marvel Cinematic Universe fanatic, and can be found playing trumpet in a local community band. He is also currently working towards a Master of Education specializing in Adult Education at the University of Calgary, which takes up the rest of his free time.

Contact the Executive Director at or 204-725-8700 ext. 7213.


Karleigh Paul, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Karleigh has been working for the Students’ Association since January of 2016; previously in the role of Events & Marketing Coordinator, which evolved into the Marketing & Communications Coordinator in June of 2021. Communicating to students on our organization’s behalf, Karleigh spends much of her time creating marketing content such as the day planner, posters, graphics, and signage. Additionally, she manages our online platforms including (but not limited to) Instagram, Facebook, membership emails, and our website.

A proud Assiniboine Alumni, Karleigh holds a diploma in Interactive Media Arts, with a specialization in Media Communications. During her time as a student at the college, Karleigh competed for the Cougars Varsity Volleyball team and was involved on the Students’ Association Council. In her graduating year she was the Valedictorian and received the Pat Josephson Memorial Award.

Outside of Assiniboine, Karleigh received a Liberal Arts Certification from the University of Regina, where she competed as a pentathlete on the (also Cougars) track & field team. Some of Karleigh’s previous experience includes working as the Program Coordinator for 4-H Manitoba, Marketing & Sales for Allen Leigh Security & Communications, DJ’ing for Look Music, among other things.

Contact the Marketing & Communications Coordinator at or 204-725-8700 ext. 6644.


Anneliesea Parkinson, Student Development Coordinator

Anneliesea is the Student Development Coordinator and has been with the organization since 2016. She is tasked with being the primary advocate for student concerns, liaison for satellite campuses and creating member development programming to enhance students professionally.

A former student of Assiniboine Community College’s Business Administration program (2016-2018), Anneliesea served on the Student Association Council (SAC) as the VP Finance and President respectively. After graduating, she then came back to the organization as the Office Coordinator before transitioning into the role of Student Relations Coordinator which was later changed to Student Development Coordinator. Having been with the organization for over five years and having served in both a student and staff capacity she is able to understand the student dynamics within the college.

Anneliesea also holds a Degree in Social Work from her native country of Jamaica which she often taps into while supporting students.

Contact the Student Development Coordinator at or 204-725-8700 ext. 6645.