Our organization

Advocating for student success

Our not-for-profit organization exists to support our members, the students of Assiniboine Community College.

A separate organization  from the college, we’re made up of the Students’ Association Council and a team of professional staff.

Together, we work to be the voice of the students;

  • hosting meetings for council members to come together and discuss student needs
  • ensuring student representation on college committees
  • providing support for student clubs
  • providing support for student appeals
  • and offering an array of services for students such as insurance coverage, transit discounts, and more.

Mission Statement

to encourage student success by being the voice of the students while enhancing the student life experience.

Vision Statement

to create an environment for students to excel.

In order to achieve these objectives, the ACCSA will strive to:


the student community with one voice.


student needs and offer guidance.


student success through teamwork and involvement.


a unique student experience.

The Assiniboine Community College Students’ Association (ACCSA) is a not-for-profit organization.

If you are a student attending the college, you are a member of our organization. These documents matter to you.

ACCSA Bylaws

Our bylaws outline our organizations responsibilities and legal obligations, sets the organizational structure of our elected representatives, and more. See our bylaws here.

Annual General Meeting

Each year our organization hosts an AGM, which is one of the most important meetings for Assiniboine students to attend to approve changes to bylaws, the annual budget, and more. Click here to see the latest AGM minutes.

Council Meetings

Our council meets biweekly throughout the academic year. These meetings are open to all students to attend. See our latest minutes here, along with more information about council meetings.

Annual Budget

Each year a new operational budget is approved by our members. See the latest approved budget here.

our staff

We have four (4) full-time staff members that are here to help you. Our staff takes pride in our ability to assist students in accessing our services, and in continuing our organizations healthy relationships with the college community on behalf of our students.

Karleigh Paul

Karleigh Paul

Executive Director

Anneliesea Parkinson

Anneliesea Parkinson

Student Development Coordinator

Ginnut Gafrin

Ginnut Gafrin

Office & Services Coordinator

Karley Woods

Karley Woods

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

We are pleased that over this summer we also have two (2) additional staff that will fill the roles of Program Assistant and Marketing Assistant. To see our full staff compliment, visit our “Staff” page. 

our council

We have four (4) Executive Council Members who make it their responsibility to ensure students needs are met at the college, and to oversee the Assiniboine Community College Students’ Association organization as a whole.

Julia Teichroeb

Julia Teichroeb


Charlene Nault

Charlene Nault

Vice President Diversity & Inclusion

Ali Ramirez

Ali Ramirez

Vice President Engagement

Anmol Singh

Anmol Singh

Vice President Governance

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