Assiniboine Community College Students’ Association

Insurance coverage

International Student Health & Dental (New), Health & Dental Coverage, and Accident Insurance


International student health & dental plan

The Assiniboine Community College Students’ Association will take over the International Student Health & Dental Plan, in partnership with Student VIP, so all your Health & Dental insurance will be housed through the Students’ Association.

This program will launch at the start of the academic year on September 5, 2022.

If you have questions about this coverage, please contact the ACC Students’ Association office. 

health & Dental

The ACCSA provides all eligible Assiniboine Community College students with a Health & Dental coverage plan through Student VIP and Medavie Blue Cross. It is a very substantial plan that provides prescription drug coverage, dental, and vision, among other benefits. To see more about this plan, visit the Student VIP website.

Check out Student VIP’s Live Chat for quick help and information about your Student Health & Dental Plan, or contact the ACCSA Office. 

Accident Insurance

The Students’ Association provides accident insurance coverage to any Assiniboine Community College student that pays Students’ Association fees.

Students are covered while they’re on the school premises and while attending or participating in any school activity approved and supervised by the proper authority of the school or the ACCSA.

If a student has an accident, it is their responsibility to file a claim immediately with the Students’ Association Office.