Students' Association Council

Ashley Fordyce, President

Ashley is pleased to have the opportunity to be the President of the Student’s Association for the 2021-2022 academic school year. She graduated with her Mature High School Diploma from the ACC Adult Collegiate in June 2021, and is now in her first year as a Practical Nursing student. Ashley is an ambitious and dedicated student who will work hard to provide a valuable voice for the students of ACC. One of the main reasons she joined the Students’ Association is to educate, fight causes, and change minds about mental health and its impact on students. She aspires to spread positivity and work hard. She is excited for the start of Student Council in the Fall. “We will be electing and appointing a number of students in the upcoming Student Council Election in September. Come be a part of the Student Council to advocate for your student body, and pursue causes you’re passionate about.”

It’s the primary responsibility of the ACC Students’ Association (ACCSA) President to provide leadership, engagement and awareness to the Students’ Association Council and the entire student body. The ACCSA President represents the voice of ACC Students from all of our campuses.

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Nathan Bridges, Vice President Governance

Born in Victoria BC, Nathan grew up moving across Canada and Germany due to his father being in the military. This constant change made Nathan adaptable to changing situations and personable with the different individuals wherever he ends up. His path into politics began when he was young in Yellowknife where he participated in the NWT Youth Government program where he not only learnt about the unique governance procedure of the territory but also rhetoric and arbitration. Nathan continued from this experience and has been a class representative, student council treasurer, and also sat on the student athletic board in his German high school.

Having enrolled in ACC’s Land and Water Management program in 2020, Nathan was successfully elected as the Agriculture and Environment Department Representative in the winter semester of 2021 and followed through to be elected as Vice President of Governance in the spring of this year.

Nathan desires to continue with his work to promote student engagement at ACC and with its Students Association as well as establishing policies and procedures to enable and further facilitate the ease of council transitions so that the continuation of the SAs goals can be adopted with the incoming of future council members.

As the Vice President Governance, Nathan is a voting position on the Student Association Council, and is responsible for the effective and transparent governance of the ACCSA. Through this, the VP Governance also strives to increase the voice of students in decision making processes within the College, as well as overseeing the financials and budgeting processes of the Assiniboine Community College Students’ Association (ACCSA).

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Alexis Cinq-Mars, Vice President Diversity & Inclusion

Alexis Cinq-Mars is a second year social service worker student at Assiniboine Community College. She has had previous experience advocating for women’s and indigenous rights in the health care system through her work as an Indigenous Doula. She will be representing as the Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion at the Student Association. She will focus on promoting healthy peer relationships between all nations that surrounds our college’s community and celebrating our diverse network! She humbly welcomes all students to recognize the schools location on treaty 2 & 4 land and the homelands of the Metis Nation.  Alexis will continue to advocate for Justice and Human rights through her term at the College and beyond. Her goal is to work in kindness, respect and humility to all peoples. Meegwetch. Thank you.

The Vice President Diversity & Inclusion is a voting position on the Student Association Council, and is responsible for creating spaces and opportunities for students of diverse backgrounds, and ensuring inclusion in all aspects of the organization, and advising the Council on matters related to issues related to equity, diversity, and inclusion. The Vice President Diversity is also responsible for researching and implementing campaigns at the ACCSA to raise awareness of importance matters effecting students and the community.

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The full Assiniboine Community College Students’ Association Council was recently elected, and you will see their bios and contact information here soon!