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Meet your Council Members for the 2022-2023 academic year

Julia Tiechroeb, ACCSA President 2022, 2023

Julia Teichroeb, President

Julia is a second-year business administration student. She spent her first year at the college as the VP of Governance at the Student’s Association. Throughout her first year she worked hard with the team to improve operations and create new training procedures for future Council Members. Exactly what she set out to do when she was elected.  

Julia plans to further the training available to Council Members, and members of the ACCSA throughout her term this year.  

“My plan for the 2022-2023 school year is to have students at all ACC campuses more engaged, whether that be through knowledge of the services we provide, or attendance to SA sponsored events.” 

She plans to do this through education to students of the services that the ACCSA provides. In speaking with students, Julia has noticed that most students aren’t aware of the services available to them through the ACCSA. She plans to educate students on these services that they pay for through their student fees and Health and Dental payments. Julia plans to promote student engagement through service days, spirit weeks, campaigns, events, and MORE!! 

Julia previously had a career in management, where she has over 12 years of experience. She believes that the skills that she gained there, and in her first year in the Business Administration Program will be vital to her success in the President position.  

You can contact Julia by email at


Charlene Nault, VP Diversity & Inclusion, 2022-23

Charlene Nault, Vice President Diversity & Inclusion

Charlene Nault is a second-year social service worker student at Assiniboine Community College who has been very involved with wellness in her time at ACC. Charlene has always had a strong passion advocating for others and in making sure that all nations feel included and welcome, so to be elected the Vice President Diversity & Inclusion for her final year at ACC is an honor. Charlene has been elected four times to the Students Association Council and is looking forward to working on your behalf for the 2022/2023 school year.

Charlene is a Metis citizen and loves to learn about different cultures and people so please reach out if you have any concerns or just want to talk. Being a part of the Students’ Association during my time at ACC has been an amazing experience and has added so much to my college experience and involvement. We have some empty positions that students can run for in the September election and would love to have you join us!

You can contact Charlene by email at

Hannah Wowk

Hannah Wowk, School of Business Representative

Hannah Wowk is a medical administration student who loves helping people reach their goals and work through obstacles to achieve them. She is a social retailer and helps people grow their business through Instagram, which has helped her grow her leadership skills. Hannah enjoy taking walks with her dog and going hiking in different places with him. This is Hannah’s first year on the student council.

Hannah can be contacted by email at

Kenadee Williams SAC Photo

Kenadee Williams, Nursing Representative

Kenadee will be going into her second year, and what she hopes is her final year, in the LPN program at ACC. After completing the LPN program and graduating, Kenadee hopes to specialize as either a Maternity or ER Nurse.

This will be Kenadee’s first term on the ACC Students’ Association Council, although being able to help others has always been a passion of hers. Kenadee’s goal for this term is to make sure that students feel heard, she wants to ensure that students have the advocacy that they deserve.

You can contact Kenadee Williams by email at

Erica McNish SAC Photo

Erica McNish, School of Health & Human Services Representative

Blake SAC Photo

Blake Richardson, M.I.C.A. Representative

Sam Dreger SAC Photo

Samuel Dreger, Winnipeg Chair

Sam is a second-year practical nursing student on the Winnipeg Campus. This will be his first time on the ACC Students’ Association Council. Sam began his post-secondary studies at Assiniboine Community College in January 2022. He hopes to graduate in August 2023 and become a Licensed Practical Nurse.

Throughout his learning career Sam has been involved in various clubs, including peer support and mental health groups. Sam’s goals are to be an advocate and voice for the Winnipeg students at Assiniboine Community College, to help provide the best experience to all students and to ensure all students are aware of the services ACCSA can provide to them.

You can contact Samuel Dreger by email at

Len Blakely SAC Photo

M. Len Blakely, Accessibility Representative

M. Len Blakely is a retired Canadian Armed Forces veteran who was medically released in 2021 at the rank of Sergeant. In the military he was involved in planning, finance, business management and policy implementation at a national level. While in the C.A.F. (Canadian Armed Forces) he was a member of the Defence Advisory Group for Employment Equity as the DAG representative for Persons with Disabilities.

Len is a mature student who has completed the Education Assistant program. He is currently enrolled in the second year of the Early Childhood Education Program. Len is interested in working to eliminate systemic barriers to education and employment for people with disabilities particularly invisible disabilities. Len is openly autistic and an advocate of neurodiversity and the social model of disability.

To reach Len, you can contact him by email at

Anmol Singh, VP Governance, ACCSA, June 2022

Anmol Singh, International Student Representative

Anmol Singh is a first year Business Administration student specializing in Human Resources. Anmol began studying at the college as an international student in January 2022, and he will continue studying as a second-year student in September. Anmol wishes to become a certified Human Resources Professional and a Social Worker.

You can Contact Anmol Singh by email at

Tessa Klein SAC Photo

Tessa Klein, Mature Representative

Tessa Klein is a single mom to a wonderful teenage daughter. She is entering her second year of Business Administration, where she is specializing in Human Resource Management. Tessa was enrolled in this course when she was 21, but the pregnancy of her beautiful daughter took her down a different, exciting and wonderful path.

Since then, Tessa has raised her daughter, ran her own daycare while her daughter was young, and has been working in a variety of office positions over the last nine years. Tessa feels that she had reached a point where she needed more training in order to develop herself, and has been fortunate enough to have a second chance to do so through ACC.

Tessa has enjoyed the first section of her adult life, and with the strength, resiliency, and experience that she has gained through it, she is proud to be the Mature Representative for the ACCSA. Tessa looks forward to meeting all the students, and getting to know more about ACC’s student body throughout the year.

To reach Tessa, you can contact her by email at, or you can stop in at our main office on the Victoria Avenue East Campus.

Liz Francis SAC Photo

Elizabeth Francis, Indigenous Representative

Elizabeth Francis is 25 years old and has grown up in Brandon, Manitoba. She is a mixture of an outdoor and indoor person who enjoys camping, kayaking, and biking while also enjoying simple things like gaming and binge-watching shows. In a more professional take, Elizabeth has been in the customer service industry doing various jobs like serving and retail and has found a love for working with people. After a seven-year hiatus, Elizabeth decided it was time to return to school. She is in her second year of the Business Administration program, specializing in Human Resources.

Additionally, Elizabeth is a peer mentor with Assiniboine Community College and looks forward to working with students to support returning students, or students starting their post-secondary journey.

Elizabeth has joined Student Council to be more involved within the college and to build skills while working alongside her peers. She is excited to see what kind of changes we can create together!

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