Students' Association Council

Nathan Bridges, President

Nathaniel is a 2nd year Land and Water Management student. In three words, he would describe himself as personable, dedicated, and pragmatic. Over the years at Assiniboine Community College he has been engaged in the student community by starting clubs such as the Environmental Sustainability Club, and organizing events like the Halloween social at Houstans.  

In his first year he was elected the Agriculture and Environment Representative, and last spring he was elected as the VP of Governance. He is very familiar with the operations of the Students’ Association and will effectively accomplish the goals the SAC sets out to do. 

He will strive to implement effective communication between students and the Students’ Association, improve our sense of community and student engagement, and ameliorate processes to enhance the productivity of future councils. 

“I would love to hear from all of you, and I look forward to serving you as your ACCSA president”, said Bridges.  


Alexis Cinq-Mars, Vice President Diversity & Inclusion

Alexis Cinq-Mars is a second year social service worker student at Assiniboine Community College. She has had previous experience advocating for women’s and indigenous rights in the health care system through her work as an Indigenous Doula. She will be representing as the Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion at the Student Association. She will focus on promoting healthy peer relationships between all nations that surrounds our college’s community and celebrating our diverse network! She humbly welcomes all students to recognize the schools location on treaty 2 & 4 land and the homelands of the Metis Nation.  Alexis will continue to advocate for Justice and Human rights through her term at the College and beyond. Her goal is to work in kindness, respect and humility to all peoples. Meegwetch. Thank you.

The Vice President Diversity & Inclusion is a voting position on the Student Association Council, and is responsible for creating spaces and opportunities for students of diverse backgrounds, and ensuring inclusion in all aspects of the organization, and advising the Council on matters related to issues related to equity, diversity, and inclusion. The Vice President Diversity is also responsible for researching and implementing campaigns at the ACCSA to raise awareness of importance matters effecting students and the community.

You can contact Alexis at

Anhaddeep Kaur, VP Engagement

Anhaddeep Kaur, Vice President Engagement

“Thanks to all those who voted for me”, said Kaur as her first statement for her biography.

Anhaddeep Kaur is pleased to have the opportunity to be the Vice President Engagement of the Student’s Association for the academic school year 2021-2022 at Assiniboine. She is studying in the Hotel and Restaurant Management program at the Assiniboine North Hill campus, in her first academic year.

Anhaddeep is ambitious and dedicated to achieving her goals. She wants to spread positivity around her with her hard work. She is excited to to on the Students’ Association Council for the whole academic year, and enthusiastic about the work she will get to be involved in.

It is the primary responsibility of the Vice President of Engagement to encourage student engagement through events and initiatives that develop the wellbeing, social awareness, and community engagement of students at the college.

You can contact Anhaddeep Kaur at

Julia Teichroeb, Vice President Governance

Julia is attending Assiniboine Community College in the Business Administration program. She has 12 years of experience working in management and HR. She believes that these skills will be vital to my success in her role as VP Governance for the Students’ Association Council. She will also sit as the Chair on the Financial Oversite Committee, where they review and approve all financial statements, along with the By-Laws and Policies Committee. She believes her experience in HR will be vital to this position as the SAC starts to implement new policies and procedures. 

Julia was Interim VP for about a month for before she was officially elected into the role through the by-election, and in that time she has come to realize the training system in place for ACCSA members is completely reliant on our Executive Director (paid staff member). “What this means is that by the time every ACCSA member is trained in their position a good chunk of their term is over,” said Teichroeb. “The ACCSA deals with a high turnover, our council is made up completely of current students. Streamlining the training process through a handbook and training videos will allow the ACCSA to become more efficient for years to come.”