Assiniboine Community College Students’ Association

Students’ Association Council

Meet your Council Members for the 2023-2024 academic year

Jonn Olson, SAC President

Jonn Olson, President

Jonn is a second-year Business Administration student specializing in Accounting. Prior to attending ACC, Jonn had spent five years working on the railway. During his employment with the railway, Jonn was able to gain valuable work experience in relation to work scheduling and task organization through this position. In addition to this experience, he developed excellent teamwork skills as required to achieve successful completion of his assignments when working with fellow employees in other departments. Jonn has acquired valuable personal assets with the real-world work experience he has obtained. He has a strong interest in working with and motivating others. As President, Jonn hopes to engage with his fellow students and ensure they’re aware and taking full advantage of all the services offered by ACCSA, and to be available to them should any guidance or assistance be required by anyone.


Faith Manulak - SAC VP Diversity & Inclusion

Faith Manulak, Vice President Diversity & Inclusion

Faith Manulak is a second-year business administration student at Assiniboine Community College. She has spent her first-year learning about ACC culture and all it has to offer. Faith has always been the type of person to stand up for others, as well as make sure that everyone feels included and a part of activities. As Faith grew into the person she is today she has been a part of numerous walks such as Black Lives Matter, Every Child Matters, Stand With Ukraine, MMIWG (Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women), LGBT2SQ+ and more. She is a strong believer that Mental health plays a big role in how we view ourselves but encourages others to come fourth and speak on this matter. Faith is not one to back down from herself and others being heard, as she believes that your voice matters and can change how others view the world. Her peers view her as someone who is determined, honest, kind, and inclusive. Faith is a recognized Indigenous citizen who has spent her time advocating for the history of her culture, as well as taking the time to learn about different cultures. As the world becomes more diverse, it is essential for others to embrace diversity and inclusion within their place of studies, or workplace. When students feel valued and respected, they are more likely to be engaged and productive. My goal for 2023/2024 is for everyone to feel valued and respected regardless of who they may be.

Ariel Cummer, SAC VP of Operations

Ariel Cummer, Vice President of Operations

Ariel is a second-year business administration student specializing in financial services. This is Ariel’s first year on student council at a college, although she does have a lot of experience working with the community. Ariel is very passionate about helping others and loves being an active member in the community. She is a firm believer that getting involved with clubs and other extra curricular activities in post secondary education can really help you learn and grow as an individual. When Ariel is not busy with school or work she can be seen walking her two year old German Shepherd Koda!

Tashsa Swanepoel, School of Health & Human Services Representative

Alycia Canada - SAC Mature Representative

Alycia Canada, Mature Representative

Alycia is a 2nd Year Business Administration Student focusing on Accounting. Alycia joined Assiniboine Community College in May of 2022 and instantly felt like she was at home. She spent her time learning about her classmates, which then became more like an extended family. She is always willing to help her classmates with any questions they may have, school or not. She can also be found at the financial accounting tutoring drop-in sessions through the learning curve. She brings experience from volunteering and attending other post-secondary institutions with her to the students’ association. She wants everyone to have an amazing experience here at ACC as she is having. When she is not in class or doing homework, she is spending time with her 3 kids or watching sports. She is an avid Brandon Wheat Kings fan, Winnipeg Jets fan, and Winnipeg Blue Bombers fan. She is very excited to be a part of the Students’ Association.

Justice Constant, Indigenous Representative

Justice Constant is a first year student in ACC’s social work program. Social work is a line of work that Justice is very passionate about, as she has spent a lot of her time advocating online for children who are abused in today’s child welfare system. Justice is a story teller, advocate, activist and a mother and caregiver to seven beautiful children. In addition to this, Justice is also a MMIW survivor. MMIW stands for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, which is a world wide epidemic. Since Justice is a survivor, she is able to help victims in times of need and help kids in the child welfare system, which is why she is going into the social work program.

Justice grew up in Thompson, Manitoba, and hopes to become an advocate for Indigenous youth up north once she is in practice. Justice hopes to be an awesome advocate for the Indigenous students here at ACC as well.

Kailee-Rae Delmage, Nursing Representative

Kailee-Rae is currently enrolled in the Practical Nursing program at the Southport campus. Kailee-Rae describes herself as being friendly, approachable, a team player, and honest. In her spare time, she enjoys golf, reading, and spending time with her family. In Kailee-Rae’s line of work, she is a role model to many people and an advocate for many of them in the workplace.

Kailee-Rae aims to advocate for her fellow nursing students and explore ways to benefit the program for future students as well.

Emma Babiak - SAC Remote Campus Chair

Emma Babiak, Remote Campus Chair

Emma Babiak is currently attending the Southport campus for the Practical Nursing Program. She is very excited to have the chance to give the college experience to all locations of ACC and connect with community sources to gain support across the remote sites. Emma looks forward to being in touch with many individuals to build a community together. Going forward, she would like to utilize care, support, and most importantly, lots of team work, to enable students to recognize the great resources available to them. As the Remote Campus Chair, Emma understands that being away from the Brandon location can make it hard to keep up with all that’s available and going on. Going forward, by using connections and team work, Emma will ensure the campuses have all details provided to them through many platforms to feel included.

Emma is excited to reach out and visit each campus to provide a plan on how best to support them in each unique location and point out resources available to them for this upcoming year.