Student Clubs

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Current Clubs

If you’re interested in joining a club that already exists, please review the clubs below and feel welcome to connect with the club President.

Indigenous Leaders and Learners

President: Alexis Cinq-Mars


Join a community of individuals to connect and discuss the leaders of our past and inspire our own development as leaders in the future.

Feminists and Friends

President: Alexis Cinq-Mars


Podcasts, live readings, personal resources in learning about femme rights and 2SLGBTQ+ herstory. Lift each other up in a non-judgmental environment and build friendships.

Environmental Management Club

President: Nathan Bridges


The Environment Management Club’s purpose is:

  1. To provide an environment for students with an interest in the environment, sustainability, and social engagement.
  2. To evaluate the sustainability of ACC and to develop solutions, feasible plans will be realized through the aid of other ACC Clubs
  3. Work alongside the ACC Environmental Committee to achieve goals set in the Environmental Strategy.

Social Club

President: Keats Douchette

Contact:  Nathan Bridges (Secretary Treasurer),

The Social Club’s purpose is to organize social events at Houstons.