Student Clubs

Starting your own Club only takes three easy steps:

1) Assemble the team: Before you can start a club, we require at least three students to sign up for the club you wish to create.

2) State your case: Meet with a Students’ Association member to present your club, go over the Club Application, and ask any questions.

3) Get approved: Your club application will be reviewed at the next  Students’ Association Council meeting. Club activities can start immediately upon approval!

For more details on how to get your club started, please view our Club Guide.

If you are ready to apply, print off a Club Application package and start filling it out.

Once your Club is active, check out the following forms regarding extra funding, event proposals, and funding deposits.

Finally, If your Club would like to track meetings or fill out a year-end report please feel free to use these templates.

Current Clubs

Would you like to connect with people who share your interests or goals within the college? We can help you connect with an existing club or start your very own!

Indigenous Leaders and Learners  

President: Alexis Cinq-Mars 


To inquire about joining the International Students Club, please email Brieth Young-Taylor, President, at

Join a community of individuals to connect and discuss the leaders of our past and inspire our own development as leaders in the future.

Feminists and Friends 

President: Alexis Cinq-Mars


“Podcasts, live readings, personal resources in learning about femme rights and 2SLGBTQ+ herstory. Lift each other up in a non-judgmental environment and build friendships.”