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The ACC Students’ Association provides services for clubs such as funding, room bookings, equipment sign-outs and more. Simply click on the below icon to be redirected to the clubs application form:

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  • Email:
  • Phone: (204) 725-8710
  • ACCSA Office: Room 413, 1430 Victoria Ave. East, Brandon, MB  R7A 2A9

Current Clubs:


Disability and Neurodiversity Club

  • Club President: MacKenzie Haslen
  • Vice President: Dee Taylor-John,
  • Treasurer: Len Blakely,
  • Contact Email:
  • Our club is a meets once a month and everyone is welcome. Our main goal is for everyone to feel welcome and to come ask any questions they may have about anything. We want to make it aware that the school has options for you if you have a disability or diversity and the different ways they can help. If people are interested in knowing more about how to work with people with a disability and diversity than this is the club to come to. Everyone who is part of our leadership to get this off the ground has some sort of disability and information about diversity that we can assist other people.

Tabletop Gaming Club

  • Club President: Cody Schmitt Dokken
  • Contact Email:
  • This clubs organizes game days. If you are interested in participating, please contact the Club President.

Sports Club

  • Club President: Jericho Tolentino
  • Contact Email:
  • This club gives all students the opportunity to play sports casually and competitively, it is a great way for students to connect with each other while promoting and engaging in a healthy lifestyle.

Cultural Club

  • Club President: Prabhjot Singh
  • Contact Email:
  • This club help students learn more about the diverse cultures of ACC students. All cultures are welcome to join this club!


Student Wellness Club

  • Club President: Julia Teichroeb
  • Contact Email:
  • Our purpose is to give students an inclusive place to talk about and exercise mental health and wellness


Indigenous Networking Club

  • Club President: Charley Swan,
  • Vice President: Krystine Mousseau,
  • Treasurer: Paula Mason,
  • The Indigenous Networking Club (INC) is a club that is built on the idea of creating a social networking space for Indigenous, non-Indigenous students and staff of the ACC (Assiniboine Community College). It is a place where its members can feel safe while they expand their social circle with others from diverse backgrounds. Club members will participate in discussions and trivia about one another. Members will also be able to participate in potlucks, movie nights and game nights with the focus on expanding everyone’s social network. The club can also assist its members on how to connect to known resources within the school and community. Everyone is welcome to join.


AG Club

  • Club President: Emma Harns
  • Vice President: Summer Olson
  • Treasurer: Lindsay Wytinck
  • Contact Email: