U-Pass & Student Transportation

Get Moving with the Universal Bus Pass (U-Pass) in Brandon!

Assiniboine Community College students in Brandon have access to a free yearly bus pass during their time in classes, commonly called the U-Pass, which allows them unlimited access to public transportation in the City of Brandon. No matter how you typically travel, the U-Pass is useful to have if you ever need it.

The U-Pass is a sticker that is added to your current Student ID card and needs to be replaced every year. From there you just need to tap your student card onto the bus terminal and you’re good to go! If you’ve got a U-Pass Sticker in the 2021/2022 year and have returned to classes in September 2022, you will need to get a new U-Pass along with your new student card!

Pick up your U-Pass sticker from any of the following locations:

  • The ACCSA Office – Room 413 – Victoria Avenue East Campus
  • LECTT Admin Office – Room P131 – Len Evans Centre for Trades & Technology

If you have a U-Pass sticker on your student card and it’s not working anymore, or if you lose your student card, we can replace the U-Pass for you! Just bring your valid student ID to the ACCSA Office or contact accsa@assiniboine.net and we can make sure you’re moving again!

U-Passes are only to be used by the student who owns the student cards. If you’re caught sharing your U-Pass with anybody else, your student card will be taken away and you will be required to pay for a replacement student card, as well as pay an additional $20 penalty fee in order to receive a new U-Pass. Chronic offenders may be refused a bus pass at the discretion of ACCSA Management

For information on Brandon Transit Routes, please visit brandontransit.ca.

PEGGO! Save 20% on your Winnipeg Bus Pass!

ACC Winnipeg students now have access to discounted fares when riding Winnipeg Transit thanks to a partnership between ACCSA and the City of Winnipeg. This is facilitated by e-Fare which is a smart card fare payment system that allows you to ride transit in the Winnipeg region. Passengers can utilize long-term cards or short-term tickets at a discounted rate to meet their transportation needs. Students utilizing e-Fare can ride Winnipeg Transit,  e-Fare Express,  e-Fare Shuttle, and e-Fare Link.

Any Student in a degree or diploma program based out of ACC Winnipeg or living in Winnipeg is be eligible to receive the PEGGO Card during the course of their studies. There is an one-time $5.00 Card Fee that will be paid directly to the ACCSA in order to receive the PEGGO Card. 

If you are interested in getting a PEGGO Card follow the link below to complete a request. A student email is needed to complete this form. Once complete, we will mail a PEGGO Card to you along with instructions on how to register your PEGGO card with Winnipeg Transit. You may also review the  registration process below. 

Step 1 – Request & Pay for your PEGGO Card

  • Request your PEGGO Card from the ACCSA Here: ACCSA Peggo Card Request Form
  • After filling out the form, you will need to pay a card fee of $5.00 to the ACCSA. This can be done by Credit Card (Due to COVID-19, we are not accepting cash payments at this time)
  • Once paid, the PEGGO Card will be either mailed to the address you provided on your Request Form, or it will be available for pickup at the Winnipeg ACC Campus if requested.

Step 2 – Register your PEGGO Card

Step 3 – Load your PEGGO Card

  • Once your card is registered, log into your account on the PEGGO Website: http://efare.winnipegtransit.com 
  • Once logged in, select “Manage My Card” (add your PEGGO Card if you haven’t done so already) and then “Load My Card” to upload funds to your PEGGO Card. Be sure to select the Student Discount Fare if prompted.
  • Please be aware there can be up to a 48 hour delay when adding new funds. It is each student’s responsibility to ensure they have funds on their PEGGO Card at the time they are riding on the bus.

Step 4 – Get on the Bus!

  • Once you’ve registered your card and loaded funds at your discounted student card, you are good to go! Remember to always keep your student card with your PEGGO Card, because transit staff will ask to see if for confirmation from time to time.
  • You also need to make sure your student card has the PEGGO Sticker that was mailed out along with your PEGGO Card. If you require a replacement sticker, please email the ACCSA at accsa@assiniboine.net 
  • For any questions or concerns about the PEGGO Program, please email the ACCSA at accsa@assiniboine.net or 204 725 8710 in Brandon, MB.

The 20% PEGGO discount is valid for your entire duration as a student at ACC. If you lose access to the discount, please contact ACCSA to confirm your student enrolment.