Assiniboine Community College Students’ Association

Day Planner

A source for information about services at the college & more!

did you know?

The front section of the Student Day Planner hosts an abundance of information about services available for students at the college, including information about ACCSA services (transit discounts, the Paw Pass discount program, advocacy services, and more), information about college services (the Test Centre, the Learning Commons, the ACC Early Learning Centre, Cougars Athletics, the Cultural Centre, and more), maps of different campuses including accessibility maps, an overview of Assiniboine’s refund policy, the Follett Bookstore, and all sorts of things that are available to you at Assiniboine Community College.

See the day planner online:

The online Day Planner is hosted through a free third party software called ISSUU that may feature advertisements, the ACCSA is not affiliated with – and does not endorse –  these advertisers. 

However, the advertisements within the day planner document are paid advertisements through the ACCSA, which we do affiliate with – and we do endorse. These advertisements make the Student Day Planner possible, and we thank these businesses for their support.

Would you like to advertise with us?

Connect with Assiniboine students across Manitoba through our Day planner. We distribute 2,500 day planners to our students annually. See our rate card for advertising details:

This year we’ve partnered with Leech Group to arrange ad placements in our day planner.

More information: ACCSA Day Planner Introduction Letter – 2022