The 2023-2024 Spring Elections are a Wrap!

See this Student Focus Article for Election Results

Congratulations to all the successful candidates in this election!

We host a second round of general elections in the fall after students have returned to campus. This gives us a chance to fill all the seats still available on the SAC, and it gives students – particularly first years – another chance to run for Council.

The positions that will for sure be available to fill in this election include:

– Vice President of Engagement
– School of Business Representative
– International Student Representative
– Accessibility Representative
– Centre for Adult Learning Representative
– 2SLGBTQIA+ Representative
– Trades Representative
– M.I.C.A. Representative
– Winnipeg Chair


If you’re interested in other leadership opportunities or another way to get involved, check out our Clubs Program ( or email Alyshia Kelbert, ACCSA Student Development Coordinator,, if you’re interested in volunteering for our Peer Support program.

What is the Students' Association Council (SAC)?

The Students’ Association Council (SAC) is a group of elected student representatives that are primarily responsible for making decisions on behalf of the ACCSA in order to better support our students. The SAC work together to bring services, advocacy, and supports to the entire Assiniboine student body.

Council Positions



Vice President Operations

Vice President Diversity & Inclusion

Vice President Engagement

Remote Campus Chair
Open to only students from Parkland, Winnipeg, Southport, Rural Rotating or Contract Sites

Indigenous Representative
Open to only Indigenous students

International Representative
Open to only International students

Accessibility Representative
Open to only students who have accessibility requirements

LGBT2SQ+ Representative
Open to only students who identify as LGBT2SQ+

Mature Representative
Open to only mature students aged 30 years or older

Centre for Adult Learning Representative
Open to only students taking programs through the ACC Centre for Adult Learning 

Agriculture & Environment Representative
Open to only Agriculture & Environment students

Trades Representative
Open to only trades students

Business Representative
Open to only students in the School of Business

Manitoba Institue for Culinary Arts (MICA) Representative
Open to only MICA students

Health & Human Services Representative
Open to only students in the School of Health & Human Services

Nursing Representative
Open to only students in the School of Nursing

Important Information


Executive Positions (President and VP’s)

Must be willing to enter a short-term employment contract with the ACCSA over the months of May, June, July and August for their respective term.

Must be wiling to work specified hours between 8AM and 5PM Monday to Friday (excluding holidays) for the term of employment referenced.

Executive positions are paid at a rate of $15.50 per hour during the short-term employment contract, after-which the President receives an honorarium of $625 per month and the VP’s will receive an honorarium of $500 per month to fulfill their duties as required in their leadership roles.

Representative Positions

Must be a student attending Assiniboine Community College within the group represented by each particular position to run for that position. For example, you must indentify as Indigenous to run for the Indigenous Representative position or you must be a student in the School of Business to run for the Business Representative position.

SAC representatives are paid an honorarium of $400 per semester during their term from September 2023 to April 30th, 2023.

To see all information relating to specific duties relevant to each position, please see the ACCSA ByLaws below.

Remote Campus Chair Position (Winnipeg, Parkland, Southport or any Rural Rotating or Contract Site)

Must be an ACCSA member studying at an ACC remote campus location to be eligible for this position, such as Parkland, Winnipeg, Southport, or any Rural Rotating or contract site.

The Remote Campus Chair is responsible to both the SAC and an additional committee – which specifically supports the remote ACC campuses. The remote campus chair does not work through the summer. They are paid an honorarium of $500 per month during their term from September 2023 to April 30th 2024.

The SAC Experience

The experience you’ll gain from being a SAC board member is the number one benefit of these positions. It looks great on a resume, and you’ll have ample opportunityto use your voice and express the needs of Assiniboine students.

You’ll gain practical work experience:

  • Team building
  • Networking
  • Budgeting
  • Event planning
  • Committee involvement
  • Meeting organization
  • Time management

Experience that you’ll have the opportunity to gain, unique to this year:

  • Development and networking opportunities specific to SAC members
  • Further the mission of the ACCSA through a new Strategic Plan, focused on student engagement.
  • Enjoy a brand new Council Office, and get free access to a new ACCSA Boardroom on the Victoria Avenue East Campus

contact us

If you want to further your student experience but you’re unsure where to start, or if you have questions about student engagement opportunities, please feel welcome to connect with our staff.