S.A.C. Elections

Student Association Council (SAC) By-Election

The SAC is hosting a by-election to fill the following board member positions:

Executive positions:


Vice President Governance 

Other SAC board member positions:

Parkland Chair

LGBT2SQ+ Representative 

Adult Collegiate Representative 

M.I.C.A. Representative

Business Representative 

The time commitment for an SAC Board member position is approximately 10 to 20 hours per month, which consists of SAC meetings bi-weekly, committee involvement, and time spent on special initiatives relevant to the Students’ Association. The honorarium pays $400 per semester. This is the same for all SAC board positions posted, with the exception of the  President position which involves a time commitment of approximately 20 to 40 hours per month, including Executive and SAC meetings, committee involvement, and special initiatives. The Vice President honorarium is $500 per month.

What is the Students' Association Council (SAC)?

The Students’ Association Council (SAC) is a group of elected student representatives that are primarily responsible for making decisions on behalf of the ACCSA in order to better support our students. The SAC work together to bring services, advocacy, and supports to the entire Assiniboine student body.

The SAC Experience

The experience you’ll gain from being a SAC board member is the number one benefit of these positions. It looks great on a resume, and you’ll have ample opportunity to use your voice and express the needs of Assiniboine students.

You’ll gain practical work experience:

  • Team building
  • Networking
  • Budgeting
  • Event planning
  • Committee involvement
  • Meeting organization
  • Time management

Experience that you’ll have the opportunity to gain, unique to this year:

  • Assisting in the planning process for major student space renovations
  • Helping develop engagement opportunities for students online and in person


Everything you need to run in an SAC election:

By-Election Information Package

To become an SAC board member you must run in the election. All the information you need to run in an election is in the by-election information package.

By-Election Nomination Package

You’ll also need 8 student and 2 staff endorsements. Fill out and send in the Nomination Package before the deadline.

Election Policy

SAC elections have rules outlined by the Election Policy. Please familiarize yourself with this policy prior to running in any SAC elections.

Full Election Timeline

Nomination Application Period Opens: Monday, November 22nd @ 9:00am 

Deadline for Nomination Applications: Friday, November 26th @ 4:00pm 

All Candidates Meeting (Mandatory for all Candidates): Monday, November 29th @ 5:00pm 

Campaign Period Starts: Monday, November 29th @ 7:00pm 

Campaign Period Ends: Wednesday, December 1st @ 9:00pm 

Voting Period Starts: Thursday, December 2nd @ 9:00am 

Voting Period Ends: Monday, December 6th @12:00pm 

Election Results (Announced via student email): Monday, December 6th @ 4:00pm 

Days Left to Apply








More Information

For more information about this election, or anything else about the ACCSA, please email the Elections Chair, Matthew May at accsa.elections@assiniboine.net or at (204) 725-8700 Ext.7213.